Kitchen Remodeling Washington Dc
Kitchen Remodeling Washington Dc
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Chapin Handyman is a general contractor in Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia offering home maintenance, home repair, and renovation services. Located in Hyattsville, we’ve been assisting residents in surrounding areas fall in love with their homes again. With 10 years of experience backing us up, you can rest assured we will provide top-notch services with great customer service and the friendliest general contractor rates you can find. With our meticulous approach in our work, you can have peace of mind knowing we won’t cut corners and ultimately, we want you to be 100% satisfied with our work. Moreover, we pride ourselves in being versatile enough, meaning we adapt to your specific situation to meet your needs.

Plumbing: Repair, installation or inspection. Most of the time, homeowners aren’t really thinking about their plumbing, until there’s an emergency. You can avoid costlier damages if you catch any issues with your plumbing early. Schedule an inspection, we can fix your plumbing problems no matter how big or small they are.
Electric Work: If you’d like to add a new outlet, create new lighting set up in a room or you want to electrical repair.
Home Repair: If there are certain things you need to repair around the house, we can take care of it and ensure your home is in its best health.
Ceramic: We can install ceramic tiles for either kitchen remodeling or bathroom remodeling.
Molding: Install decorative transitions between surfaces. This will not only make your house look better aesthetically, but it will also increase the value of your property. It’s a great opportunity to enhance the décor of your home.
Roofing – Installation, Repair & Replacement: The roof is the part of your house that suffers the most wear and tear. Exposed to the outside, it’s important to ensure it’s in the best condition. If the integrity of your roof is compromised, it can affect the rest of your home.
Drywall: Whether you need a repair or an installation. Our team of professionals have the skills and equipment to efficiently work with drywall.
Gutter Cleaning: Gutters need to be cleaned because a clogged gutter can cause leaks. These leaks pose a threat to the foundation of your house. A clean gutter efficiently controls the flow of water and ensures the health of your roof, walls, foundation, and landscape.

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